Western digital's 10k IDE drive kills competition


The drive's performance margins are so big i am reminded of the time when the 9700 pro was first released. It kills the competition even in everyday apps for desktop users. Prices and all the main info is released too. check it out. I will definitely pay the extra for this drive (or two)
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  1. LOL!

    "Right now, the Raptor is absolutely the only performance-oriented reason to migrate to Serial ATA." ... well in my case it's that and the fact that my 5400 RPM drives feel waaaay too slow nowadays (server's got a WD 120 Gig 7.2K RPM but that drive needs to remain in my server for 24/7 access from any other PC in the house)

    The thing is, great WD drives out there and I'm still clueless about proper controller card for 'em ... Promise seemed great, too bad I'm with intel chipset, but now I'm thinking a HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 2-Channel Serial ATA RAID Host Controller- Retail from newegg would do the trick for me ...

    I was kinda supriced to see someone find out about this huge improvement in WD's Raptors just now, as we had a discussion on it, that got moved a few pages back already but I guess if you missed the StorageReview.com benches AnandTech's article has the same "effect" :p

    Can't wait for a new RAID 0 array of these things :)
  2. Well, I don't know if it's the ONLY reason to migrate to SATA. The DiamondMax 9 SATA drive had some pretty damned impressive minimum sustained transfer rates for a 7200 RPM drive. Still, the WD is awfully impressive. Too bad it's such a small drive. It would only be practical if you had at least two in a RAID 0, considering the size of today's games. Even then, you don't have the storage capacity of a cheap 80 gig. And two of those drives would be kinda spendy.

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  3. Hey Guys,

    Recently seen the review of the Raptor on anandtech, im considering using 2 of these in a raid 0 array, but worried if it will acheieve some high benchmarking scores. Ive been told by a lot of ppl that

    IBM GXP 180's are the best drives to do a raid 0 array with and that Western digital drives dont achieve what they should do at only around 38-40k in Sandra whereas the
    IBMS get about 55k see this http://forums.theoverclockingstore.co.uk/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40276&highlight=raptor

    Im thinking of putting 2 RAPTORS (raid 0) on an Asus A7V400 (Kt400a), AMD athlon 3000+, OCZ PC3700 EL DDR, when both the mobo and hdd come out.

    What benchmark scores would you expect from this setup? Is this setup the best i can get and would you recommend the raptor over any other IDE drive?

  4. haha. Thats assuming you can find any raptors. Good luck! Your gonna need it!

    I havnt head of W.D. being bad in raid0... the opposite infact.

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  5. The drive still isnt THAT good.
    Admittedly its heaps better compared to the beta version that was given to storagereview.com to review, but it still significantly lags the 10k scsi drives with server like applications... and this is where the drive will be competing, in the ENTERPRISE arena... not the home enthusiast desktop arena. Also the reason why the drive is only 36Gb in capacity... the sweet spot for enterprise level capacity.

    <b>Paying for Sex didn’t mean you couldn’t get it any other way – it meant that you could afford the convenience option, same as any other service.</b>
  6. I agree, imo, best to wait for the 10k's to get better developed.

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  7. Still .. I want one ;)

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  8. Eh, my current raid streams a constant 82mb/s for much of the time, so I'll stay where I am, I'll wait to see if Maxtor comes out w/ such ide's.

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