How to burn high capacity CDs?

I read that post about burning Operation Flashpoint but it didn't help me much! Max Payne and Sof Gold Edition CDs do not fit on the CD when I use CD Copier from Roxio CD Creator 5! They should be compressed or something! How do I burn them?! Max Payne takes 700Mb while standard CD-Rs are 650Mb!
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  1. Where have you been? They make 700MB(80 mins) cds. double check when you buy yuor cds.
  2. well it says 700Mb and 80min BUT IT IS ONLY 650 when I right click on my D drive! (which is CD-ROM)
    I was also banned from MadOnion community because I asked HOW TO BURN MAX PAYNE? (I won't be surprised if I'll get thrown out of here! LOL)
  3. "CD Copier from Roxio CD Creator 5"

    The warez copy you downloaded off the net is bad. Go down to the store and buy the non-warez version which will work perfectly.
  4. Do not go down to the store and buy a copy, use BlindRead and BlindWrite to extract and then burn the game with. It will come out perfectly. Then proceed to and download the nocd and exe file and you will be set.
  5. How old is your burner? That might be the problem.

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  6. never heard of BlindRead and BlindWrite...explain and help please!
    my cd-rw is plextor 16x/10x/40x
  7. Quote:
    proceed to

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    Next time you wave - use all your fingers
  8. it might be possible to get a firmware update if his burner is old, I got on for my creative 8-4-32 and it solved a few problems I was having with some brands of cds

    <i>AMD's thermal protection: as seen in tom's burning chip video</i>
  9. Why would he need teh no cd crack? Blindread copies everything...even the cd protection.

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  10. <A HREF="" target="_new">Plextor firmware updates</A>

    I would never use EZ CD Creator (or whatever they call it now). I use Nero and Clone CD (for copy protection bypassing). I'll have to give BlindRead and BlindWrite a try, sounds good.

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
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