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Trouble Installing Windows 7 RC

Heeeeey Everyone :wahoo:

I need a little help here with installing Windows 7 64bit. Right now I am running Windows Vista 32 bit on a AMD Phenom II X2 3.1 ghz based pc, so I want to update to the 64 bit Windows 7. I created me the ISO disc and moved the file I downloaded from Microsoft there. I placed the disc in my drive, rebooted my system, hit the "boot from dvd" and the system starts loading the windows files from the disc.

I get a windows logo and "Starting Windows" screen, and then it goes to a nice screen with some little flowery design on it that is blank, and thats it. It seems to treat the disc like it is the operating system and not a boot disc to install windows 7.....not sure why this is happening.....Any help would be appreciated :D
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    I had the exact same problem. Solution? Be patient and wait. I had to wait for like 10 minutes before the first window opened up, but it does eventually. Also note that one you specify the install language and time-zone, it will take an equally long time to load the second question box, but that's about it. After that the install should be swift and quick.
  2. Thank You, i shall try again ^^
  3. Bump it seems to take forever, let it do its thing.
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