Dial-up Modem Wire Pathway?

Hello folks.

What is generally and commonly correct for the home computer dial-up external harware modem set-up?...

The telephone wire goes straight from the wall "outlet" into the external hardware modem, and then from there, a telephone wire or computer cable goes straight into the computer?

Where does the telephone wire or computer cable go into the computer? Into an NIC card or into a serial port or other place?

Thanks much!
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  1. The modem's "Line" connector goes to the wall outlet.
    The Modem's "handset" connector goes to a telephone (optional)

    Depending on the modem you purchase it will either connect to a serial port (preferred) or a USB port.

    Hope that clears it up for you.

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  2. What normally happens with an external is that the four-cable phone line plugs into the wall on one end and into the modem on the other. From the modem, there will be a cable that leads to the computer, either an RJ45 (ethernet) cable, usb cable, serial cable, or as you say, any other place. The wire from the modem to the computer will not be a phone cable. Just make sure the cable fits into a slot on the back of your computer that it is designed to fit in. If it doesn't fit in easily, try a different slot.

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