How do I disable HyperThreading without BIOS?

I'm attempting to disabled Hyperthreading, but that option isn't in the BIOS. Two guides on disabling the "logical" cores require me to boot up "START" command, but what is that and how do I access it?

Disable Hyperthreading in the Windows 7 registry - Super User

Also, I want to set Team Fortress 2 to not use the HT cores, but the .exe file is non-existent and its files are apparently booted by Steam. I wanted to test if Team Fortress 2 and SimCity 4 (resource hogging singe-core) would improve with HT disabled. I also have an i7 720qm 1.6 GHz, which is the slowest i7 quad-core CPU.

I tried to disable four "logical" cores through msconfig, but it also turned off two physical cores as well. I'd rather prefer quad core than dual core with HT.
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  1. You will not see a noticeable performance improvement by disabling hyperthreading
  2. What about SimCity 4? It uses only one core, and my laptop never turbos past 1.73GHz (4 active cores). Due to the sheer size of my SC4 cities, it lags very badly.

    In the Task Manager, I see that all four physical cores are reporting 25% load. I only need two cores active (no HT) at most, which would've give a 2.4GHz turbo. But apparently Windows 7 isn't intelligent enough to park the excess cores.
  3. Windows automatically vectorizes the workload as best as it possibly can. This includes handling HyperThreading and Turbo.
  4. I disagree, there should be no reason for a software known to be single threaded to have its load spread out on all four cores instead of concentrated on one. About two years ago, I played SC4 on an i5-430M (2.26 GHz, 50% load on each core) laptop, and it was noticeably smoother than my i7 laptop.

    In fact, SC4 performed similarly on an older T72000 (2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo) compared to the i7, until the CPU throttled from overheating due to poor laptop design.

    EDIT: I doubt SC4 is being held back by the GPU. It doesn't even support anti-aliasing.
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