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I have an HTPC that I've had for about 4 years now. Today when I booted it up it went into an infinite loop with the 'Startup Repair Utility" where it would just sit there claiming to be repairing the drive but never actually completing or providing a notification of the issues (typical Microsoft troubleshooting). Anyway, I finally was able to get into the advanced settings of the utility and get to a command prompt and see what was going on. Here's what I found:

1)The previous RAID 1 configuration was setup as the main C: drive with the OS and also where I had all our music stored. But now during the boot sequence the bios startup it flashes in red complaining about the RAID array having degraded and when I finally got into a command prompt it was no longer mapped to C:, the two drives in the array were mapping independently as drive E: and F: respectively (the DVD-ROM is the D: drive).
2)My first concern was to get my music off it so I plugged in an external USB drive and went into command prompt and tried to xcopy from E:, it started to copy then failed catastrophically with a weird error so that would appear to be the bad drive. I then tried the same thing on drive F: (the mirror) and its cranking along nicely copying all my music over. My fingers are crossed but I suspect I'll be OK, its unlikely to get two drive failures in the same array at the exact same time ;)

Once I get my data off the good drive how should I proceed? I assume I need to get a new duplicate drive installed and then can I not rebuild the RAID array from the good drive? I've never done this before, the machine came built for me so I'm not familiar how it is setup. What I do know is that it has a 'RAID utility' you can jump into at boot up by hitting F10. Can you guys maybe give me some advice on what I should look for and how I should proceed? thanks
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  1. yes first of all get your data off asap. One of the hard disks may be failing. Once you've done that you can try to rebuild the raid array in the raid utility bios.
  2. that's got to be the most useless reply I've ever had to a question...i don't need to know to 'get the data off', a monkey could figure that part out, the question was directed on the actual process of rebuilding the raid array which i was no familiar with.

    honestly this is the 2nd or 3rd time this site has disappointed me, I'm going to seek my advice elsewhere, I suggest others with serious questions do the same
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