Ieee 1397 not detected

i want to download this driver for Ieee 1394A card no Ieee is showing on my computer..................i want to get the driver only NO DRIVER WIZ, NO DRIVER LOCATING SOFTWARE JUST THE DRIVER. i TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE NOTHING IS LOADING IT ON FOR ME PLEASE DONT SUGGEST ANOTHER DRIVER DOWNLOADER OR SOMTHING TO SCAN AND LOOK FOR THEM JUST SEND THE DRIVER THAT I CAN GET ON WITH MY VIDEO EDITING I HAVE WEDDINGS TO EDIT. Thanks i'm not rude but just fed up people sending me to dead ends and customers on my case.
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  1. what make / model is the card?
  2. it just marks firewire Ieee 1394A Card
  3. Is it an actual card or is it a component on the motherboard? Without knowing the actual manufacturer it's going to be difficult to find a driver for you. You may need to crack open the case and look on the card (if it is indeed an expansion card) for the make and model.
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