Why cant windows 7 see my hard drive?

Why can't Windows 7 see my hard drive? :o
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  2. I purchased Windows 7 upgrade and I formatted my hard disk. I don't know where my Windows XP disk is, and I don't know where my Motherboard Driver Disk is.

    When I try to load Windows 7, it can't find the Hard Drive. What do I do???
  3. What motherboard do you have? Are you running a RAID controller?

    Sounds like Windows 7 does not detect your SATA controller on your motherboard, so you will need to download the latest SATA controller drives from the motherboard's website.
    When downloaded, unzip and save to a USB, start Windows 7 installation again. When you need to specify a hard drive, select load driver and select the driver on the USB.

    That should solve your issue

    PS - Have a look here, same issue http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/308363-30-asrock-mobo-sata-drivers-floppy-joke
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