Accidentally deleted my display driver, and the driver controller.

Okay, so I "accidentally" deleted my Display driver (Intel(R) G33_31 Express Chipset Family) and the (Intel(R) G33_31 Express Chipset Processor to I/O Controller) because whenever I tried to update them, it gave this error:

NOW, I am having the same error message pop up when I try to REDOWNLOAD them.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with compatibility (My computer was formerly Windows Vista, and then I upgraded it to Windows 7 Home Premium) I have tried downloading both versions for both the driver, and the driver controller and still ends up with the "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements" error.

Can anyone please help? :o
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    First are you sure you have the right version of the install files (32 vs 64 bits)

    Other than that have you tried messing around with the compatibility options?
    Right click : Properties -> Compatibility -> RUn this program in compatibility mode for ...

    And make sure you run the program as an administrator

    If all this fails, go into the device manager, locate whatever hardware isn't recognized properly and try to have windows automaticly find the drivers for these.
  2. Thanks! I ran the download setup by doing what you said (running in it compatibility mode) for windows 7 and was relieved that it gave me a DIFFERENT error than the compatibility error. It turns out it was already installed and I just had to restart my computer after that. I'm back to my sweet 1600x900 resolution now and not stuck with the default VGA driver!! Many thanks!
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