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Can you guys reccommend a very good case fans that are effecient and quiet? also what is the diff between 80mm and 120mmm case fans faster,noiser? etc. which should I get for a non overclocking type enviroment?
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  1. I have good experience with Panaflo and SANYO DENKI. 120mmm can move same amount of air at lower speed then 80mm.
  2. 80mm and 120mm are just fan sizes. your case probly doesnt have a cutout for a 120mm fan, standard sizes are 80mm for case fans and 60 for cpu fans. i use the enermax fans with the adjustable speed knob. you can get them at for 7 bucks i think.

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  3. just to add to your list...

    Papst, Delta Electronics, Oriental Motors (Orix), etc.

    It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

    Sound and air moving ability vary on all makes and models.

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    I feel like I've learned a lot about quiet fans, quieting a PC, etc., by also reading articles (and postings in the forums) at the Silent PC Review website:

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