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I'm a newbe with this forum so here it goes.
I purchased an HP Pavillion All-In-One with Window 7 pre-installed on my computer. I sucessfully downloaded windows live mail. However when I try to send e-mail through my Verizon with msn mail account, an error message appears stating "email client not properly installed". If anybody has any suggestions,diections or help it would be greatly appreciated.
Bill in Pa :)
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  1. What is your email address host? or

    If it's your email account settings are listed here

    If it's your mail server URL should be:
  2. Not sure of your issue about sending email. Can you clarify? Are you trying to send an email from Verizon website to your msn account or are you trying to send an email to your Verizon account via your msn account?

    In either case, it sounds like you didn't install the Windows Mail correctly. You can configure the default program as follows:

    Click Start and then click Default Programs.
    Click "Set your default programs."
    Next, in the Programs list box on the left, look for Windows Mail. If it's not there, then it didn't install correctly and I would suggest reinstalling it.
    If you do find Windows Mail, select it and then click on the "Choose defaults for this program" link on the right-hand side.
    Next, look for the Protocols section and find all URLs for mailto:
    Click Save

    You can also set the default email program as follows:
    Click Start->Default Programs->Set Program Access and Computer Defaults
    Choose Custom and then see what it has under Choose a defulat e-mail program. Hopefully, if it's not set, you can set it to Windows Live Mail.

    If worse comes to worse, install Mozilla Thunderbird. It's better and it's completely free.
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