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I will upgrade my Asus A7V333 soon, and I'm planning to buy a dual cpu motherboard, probably a Tyan Tiger MPX. I'm happy with the onboard sound of my A7V333, but since the Tyan Tiger MPX doesn't have onboard sound, I would appreciate recommendations on a sound card that will provide the same audio quality as the 6 channel C-media 8738 of the Asus A7V333, is not too expensive, and is fully compatible with the Tyan Tiger MPX and with Windows XP Professional.

I use the sound to play games, watch TV/movies, listen to music and play 3D games. My speakers are Boston Accoustics BA-635, which I'm not planning to upgrade.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. There are sound card that is based on C-media chip. They are cheap.
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