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I recently got a motherboard without a parallel port. I now use a USB port for windows printing, but it doesn't work from a command prompt. How can I configure it to work? It is a Xerox 6180N, very nice, but I need to print from command prompt frequently. (email removed by moderator)
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  1. A general means of printing information displayed in a Command Prompt window is to:

    Right click on the Command Prompt Title line
    Place the mouse on Edit
    Click on Select All
    Press keys <Ctrl> c (press the keys at the same time)
    Open a new NotePad file
    With the mouse inside the new NotePad window, press <Ctrl> v
    This will paste the context of the command prompt window within the NotePad file and can be edited and printed from there.
  2. Share the printer to an LPT port as described in this link.
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