LEDs - know where to get 'em cheap ?

Hey guys, lookin' for some good, bright but CHEAP LEDs for a bunch of moddin' I'm gonna be doin soon soon soon, heh. Now I just wanna know if you guys have any links to some stores online or anywhere I can get some cheap LEDs, 'cause some of these modding/hardware stores charge so bloody much for LEDs and I'm not willing to pay $5 for one f*cking light, no way. Anyways, thanks, and as soon as I'm done with all my shite I'll be definetly posting some picture links !

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  1. local electronics stores are my best bet.

    we have a shop here in New Zealand and Australia called DIck Smiths Electronic.

    they sell em for Cheap (probably about $6 USD for about 50)

    hope that helps

    www.dse.co.nz is the website if you want to verify my claim (divide all prices by 2 to get USD)

    ok heres the exact link (i don't know how many lumins these have but maybe they say somewhere in the page)

    i hope that link works


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  2. I haven't checked myself, but try Radio Shack. They always have stuff like this, and its usually decently priced.
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