Baseball Mogul 2006 Released

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    Folks may or may not remember, but Mogul was built back in 1997 with
    tons of feedback from this list. I really appreciate all the help. If
    you guys get the game and have any issues, please send e-mail or post
    to our forums and I'll take a look at the issue.

    FYI, everyone agrees this is the most improved Mogul yet (some features
    attached). And we have just posted a patch that adds a Fictional
    Database generator.


    NEW All-Time Leaders! Active and all-time career and single-season
    leaders tracked for over 75 stats. See if Barry Bonds can break Hank
    Aaron's record.

    NEW Historical Rookies! Start in any historical season and Baseball
    Mogul will automatically include minor and major league players for
    every team. As you build your dynasty, real rookies from seasons past
    become available for the Amateur Draft.

    NEW Player Personalities and Morale! Manage the individual
    personalities of your team to build the right team chemistry.

    NEW Expanded Contract Negotiations! Arbitration. Free agency. Use
    player options and no-trade clauses to sweeten the deal and land the
    best players.

    NEW Minor League System! Manage up to 100 players in your farm system.
    >From draft day until retirement, you are in control of the entire
    organization. Track player development using new written scouting
    reports and stats for high school, college and every minor league

    NEW Rosters! Detailed career stats through Opening Day 2005, including
    over 10,000 players.
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