Floppy does not work after new mobo installation


After I built my new system I have had problems with getting my floppy disk drive to work. When I try to access it windows says that the floppy disk is not formatted. Sometimes I get an error message that says that there is an O/I error. I have checked that the flat cable is inserter correct. I have tried all four ways anyway. I have tried making some changes in BIOS. The only thing I have found that could make any difference is the option to enable/disable “boot up floppy seek”. I get the same error message either way. I have had the same problem with the three systems I have built.

How do I know witch one is the #1 pin location? I have used two cables just to make sure. The floppy is connected closest to the end of the cable that has the twist. Now I use the old floppy cable from my old system that’s has plugs in one of the holes on each side. This means the cable can’t be plugged in incorrectly. And yes the power cable is connected properly. I thought about if the floppy or cable is broken but it would be wired if the same problem occurred at the same time on two different systems.
Are you guys sure that there is no BOIS setting that can fix this?


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  1. Something must be going wrong or you are just very unlucky with your stuff.

    pin 1 on a floppy drive is on the left as you look at the back end of it. attach the red wire on the ribbon to that.

    have you tried different disks?
    Have you got slippery fingers and hard floors?

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  2. There is apparently a known bug with XP and floppy drives. I know there was a post somewhere about it... but I can't find it atm.. hehe. :smile:

    It may also be possible the floppy controller on the mobo is defective. Try getting your hands on a Win 98 or ME startup disk and see if it will boot from the floppy. Once it's booted, try inserting one of the floppies you're having trouble with and format and copy/delete files from it to see if it's working.

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