No Internet Access on Win7 Brand new Acer Laptop

I have been trying all night to figure out why this laptop will not connect to the internet via our home router. Through many different forums and have tried every "solution" without success.

I have successfully connected it to the router but no internet access. I did use my phone's wifi hotspot and got internet access through my phone's internet but not with the home router. It is set to home network (But still claims "Unidentified Network"), I have the correct password, I tried resetting the router, reset the laptop, reset all the IPCONFIG options and NETSH options but still no luck. I have other computers with WIN7 connected to my home router with no problems.

Please let me know what I should be doing...thanks! I know it is something very simple that I am overlooking lol. I appreciate any help you can give me. :pt1cable:
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  1. What version of Windows 7? Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise have tools to fix an unidentified network easily, while Home Premium does not.
  2. WIN 7 HP is what I have....Sucks...I had a IT Technician look at it and he determined I must have a bad "N" node on my Wireless card. What I believe happened is that when going through the "First time Startup" and it asked to connect to the wireless network, it did not save the setting properly and screwed me up forever. It makes me upset that WiN 7 HP is the only OS where you cannot easily fix this issue. Thank you for your reply RealBeast.
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