Wireless Card or Router ?

So my neighbor asked me if he could use my internet from time to time to check his e-mail and such, as he is under hard times, and no longer has internet. I said that was fine, Set up another router as a repeater, with a different SSID / Password for him. Then setup Parental Controls limiting his ability on the internet. He can connect to the router just fine, But if he uses it for any real length of time, he eventually loses signal, and he cannot see the router anymore. I have to power cycle the router and then it re-appears. Is this a problem with the router, or a problem on his end ? I was thinking its because he's using a cheap $15 usb dongle, and the signal is decaying overtime, and that's why it must be refreshed. Any help would be awesome thanks :)
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  1. Some of the USB wireless adapters are reliable; some are not! Distance and the number of walls/obstacles the signal has to travel is also a factor.

    Try relocating the repeater so that it is closer to the other computer and the USB adapter.
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