Trying to add wireless router to switch

I recently bought a Netgear switch in order to hook up to wired PCs to my modem. I also have a ASUS n53 wireless router that I am trying to connect to the switch.

The problem is I can't seem to get internet access to the wireless router

I have tried setting it up as an access point, I have tried disabling the DHCP on it.

I can't seem how to get this to work, help?
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  1. You need to provide a bit more information. What is the model of your modem/router that is your gateway? Is the ASUS only going to be an AP? Is the AP connected to the main router or the switch?
  2. The modem is a Ubee cable modem from comcast. The wireless router is an asus rt-n53.

    I want to plug the asus into the switch. I just want the wireless access with the router.
  3. Which Ubee model?

    I will assume that it is a model with built in DHCP (routing) since you only mention a switch. Make an LAN to LAN port attachment to the switch, then on a computer connected by an Ethernet cable to the ASUS type in the default IP address of the ASUS ( and use admin/admin to log into configuration pages. Set the wireless radio to the channel and other settings you want for both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands; and also disable DHCP in the ASUS. Set up WPA2/AES security and a password (write it down). Then give the ASUS a static address that is in the Ubee network range (so if the Ubee is, make the ASUS and ALSO assign that address for the ASUS in the Ubee, allow the Ubee to use addresses higher than that for the assignable DHCP range.

    Note that after you save your settings in the ASUS you will need to access the configuration pages at the newly assigned address to make further changes.
  4. The model is U10C01889

    I can't change anything with the cable modem, i was told by comcast it is just a gateway or something like that.

    I bought a switch because my asus router wouldn't open the ports even after configuring it and I want to run an old pc as a server. So I figured if I wired the following way:

    Modem > Switch > Wireless Router

    That I could just plug my desktop and server into the server along side with the wireless router. The wired connections work but I get no internet access when trying to connect to the asus wireless router.

    EDIT: THe ip to login to the modem is

    It just provides basic info, no settings to change.

    I also have tried disabling the DHCP on the asus, still get no internet access
  5. I would connect the modem to the router WAN port, reset the router with the small button on the back and then set it up -- it will work when properly configured. Start with the modem and router off and get a wired Ethernet connection to one computer configured before working on the wireless.
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