Window losing focus constantly.

I reinstalled windows 7 about an hour ago.

The reason I decided to reinstall was because I was having the minor annoyance of windows losing focus, as if I had clicked the taskbar or something (but I didn't).

The problem is still here. I just reinstalled, I got rid of windows.old, and task manager reports a whopping 36 processes running. The only programs I have installed are Firefox, Flash, and Microsoft Security Essentials. I have visited no suspicious websites in the past half hour.

What the heck do I do now? There are absolutely NO programs that I know of that could possibly be causing this problem. I can only conclude that it must be malware. If so, how can I reinstall again so that there is nothing left behind from the old installation? Because windows.old was there, maybe whatever was on my old install carried over.
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  1. Hi :)

    If windows.old was there you REINSTALLED over the top....

    You need to FORMAT to have nothing left of the old system...make sure you have all your drivers first though as you are about to lose everything...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I'm having the same problem. I've done a clean install. I've changed mice. I've even formatted the drive and installed XP and I still get the problem.

    It started about 4 months after I built the compute.

    Mother Board - Gigabyte GA75M-S2V
    Processor: AMD A6 3670
  3. rdknight said:
    There is an application to specifically identify the culprit in this issue. Spam removed by Saga lists the process name that is taking window focus. After running it, you can rename the process or uninstall the offending program. The website for that is ?????.com

    As it happens, since I made this thread I found out that the problem was caused by flash player and firefox, and many people were having the same issue. Since both of those have been updated the issue has been resolved. Thanks anyway for the suggestion and I'll take note of that program for the future.
  4. I too had been having a problem with my Win7 Ultimate computer loosing focus all of a sudden. The problem initially started after I installed a new graphics card. So after hunting through various forums, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software several times. I had come up blank, the problem was still there, I read trough every posting out there and being from an IT background was able to discern what was and was not useful.

    So I have now located and fixed the issue and for my case it was with the following “NMIndexStoreSvr.exe” a Nero background program that scans for any changes in your computer, which was faulting.

    This may not be your cause but I will now share how I located it and hopefully this will help.

    Go to manage your computer,
    Select the Event viewer and then under Event Type “Errors” locate Event ID 1000, this is where windows logs any application errors. Double click the event id and you will be taken to a sub window showing the date and time and other information.

    Now watch for your window to lose focus and then refresh the page, you should start to notice that the same error will keep occurring along with the faulting application and codes.

    You can then cross reference this with the Event ID 1001 which you can find under Event type “Information”

    All this information should then lead you to the faulting program or driver.

    From reading through all the information out there the only constant is that whichever program is found to be at fault, it is more often than not a program that needs to run searches in the background – I may be wrong of course.
    Also I had had Nero installed for over a year so there was no real reason for it to stop, the graphics card just completely threw me off the case.

    So if you have this problem, be diligent and turn into Sherlock Holmes – it took me over two weeks to locate and way too many system restores.

    I really hope this post helps as I have found many an answer on the forums out there

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