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I recently got internet from a new ISP and was provided with a Modem with only 1 Ethernet port.

My setup:

Wall Coax -> Modem, Modem -> Router, Router -> Computer

I want wireless in my house, so this is the only way to do it. (No built-in wireless in the Modem, it's quite an old model.)

Even plugged DIRECTLY into the modem, I'm getting less than my Laptop which is on the other side of the house via Wireless.

Are there any clientside settings I can change to get faster speed on my computer's LAN port?

LAN Port - My LAN port on a Windows 7 64bit -> Intel 82579v Gigabit

Modem - No settings can be changed in the Modem.. I'm guessing for ISP security reasons.

Router - WNDR3400v2

The laptop is getting 3-4 more MBp/s download speed.

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  1. Download speeds are affected by many things. To help us help you better, please provide the actual speed test results for both PCs, the rated speed of your Internet connection, and the speed test tool or site you are using.
  2. As of right now, using my DL speed is around 9MB/s on my Desktop, and 12-13MB/s on my Laptop.
    My connection is a 10Mb/s plan - which should cap the speed, but in that case. Why am I not hitting the 10MB/s, and why is the laptop exceeding it?
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    Did you use the same browser on both the desktop and laptop?

    It is not unusual to get a higher speed depending on your service. I have 15Mbps cable at home and test out at 18Mbps.

    Now, you might have an issue with your desktop being limited to less than 10Mbps by the Ethernet cable, so check that out.
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  5. Glad I was able to help.
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