Installed old hard drive on repaired laptop...

I was booting off an ssd originally and have a regular hdd as backup. then i had to get my laptop repaired. i removed the ssd and shipped the laptop off. upon receiving it, i popped my hard drive back in and changed the boot settings in bios to my ssd instead of the hdd. it boots just fine, but my wallpaper was gone and i cant access certain things like my computer, control panel, etc. an error pops up saying that it wont initialize. etc.

is there a procedure i must do? i tried sfc scannow and it restored my desktop, but it said somethings were unable to be repaired. im also wondering how come it didnt just work right away as if i never sent it in for repairs. i stumbled upon a guide that said how to re register my dlls... is this a good idea?

thanks for your help
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  1. Hmm if sfc was unable to repair you should probably backup your data and do a fresh install of windows.
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