Terratec Fun 5.1 Digital optical out problem

I have just bought a new sound card Terratec Aureon Fun 5.1, and TEAC PowerMax 2000 Sound System with integrated Dolby Digital decoder (so I think that I need just sound card with line out and it will work ok?). I connected this with optical cable, and it works just fine, but when I start to play games, I can hear a cracking noise coming out of my speakers. I already instaled the latest drivers, so really I don't know what's the problem. Please, if anyone knows, help...
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  1. That's because the Terratec doesn't ENCODE a DD 5.1 stream. It passes through any pre-encoded Dolby Digital (or DTS?) signals (e.g. DVDs) but game sounds aren't DD 5.1 pre-encoded and either you have to encode them in realtime to a DD 5.1 stream and use your digital optical cable (which, right now, means you need an nVidia nForce/2 motherboard with Soundstorm, no other sound card can do it) or also connect the ANALOG outputs of your sound card to your receiver and in case of games, use the analog source.
  2. Some games are working (like Need 4 Speed HP2) perfectly, but in some games problem remains (like Mafia). I contacted Terratec and they told me to put a card in a different PCI, (it may be sharing an IRQ) so I am going to do that...
  3. The problem remains, if I put a card in a different PCI slot... What now?
  4. I reinstalled windows, tried the card in another computer, and did nothing, so I decided to use ANALOG output, but I still get the cracking noise while playing games (!!!). So I think that I am going to take the card back.
    Thank you.
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