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Lately ive noticed every time i connect my digital camera or plug in an SD Memory card in my memory card reader, that after awhile of looking through the pictures, the thumbnails dissappear leaving just a blank icon with the names of the photos, i then close the window to open up my computer again, and whenever i do that nothing shows up and the 4 icons on the left "favorites, libraries, homegroup and computer" are there with a magnifying glass circling each icon. and the address bar there is a progressing green line as if its loading something. this continues to happen until i reboot my system. what can i do to fix this or find out whats causing it? i have a intel i7-920 processor and i have 3 gbs of ram on my windows 7 32 bit system. I just feel that my machine shouldnt have any problems just from looking at images. please help me!

heres a screenshot of what i see when i open my computer:
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    Can you try plugging in the memory card into another computer? Sounds like the slowdown is caused by the SD...
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