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Hello All,

So the plan is to create a Private Cloud server with lots of Hard drive space so we can store all company documents on and access them where ever we go around the world on laptops and tablets we also want to be able to Sync documents with the cloud and it will automatically updates the document

only problem is i need your help as i don't know the possible ways to do this maybe you have done this or know an article i can read which would be usefull
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  1. Why not just setup a VPN?
  2. why private? why not just rent space? you'll not have to look after the tin that way, with offsite backups etc.
  3. And as you don't have a clue what you are talking about, (I know that I know more than you, but I know no-where near enough to do this), then get a professional in, else you could royally screw it up for your company.
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