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Wifi bombs please help

February 2, 2013 3:33:29 PM

I have spent a very long time trying to figure this out...but here's the deal...

comtrend ct5072t modem
netgear router
vista desktop (lan)
android pandigital supernova tablet (wifi)

no matter what i try... lan works to desktop always.. dhcp and static ip

ssid is found on tablet but cant connect... never gets ip from dhcp... it will say connected while using static.. but no surf and no ping

i have also tried three different routers... and taken them along with the tablet to other internet connections and they work fine... i have also set modem in both router and bridge mode... with no change in the effect...

always the same thing... lan always works on desktop... wireless finds ssid but does not get ip butsays its connects with static but no joy...

however while dealing with all this i have got it to work satisfactory one time.... but this was short lived.... the very first time i set the modem from router to bridge it didnt work...and the lights on the modem said it was in bridge i then power cycled.... the modem was then back in router mode after reboot... dhcp would still not give ip to tablet... but static worked like a charm...and was working perfect..... this lasted for a few hours then quit... and now im back to the same deal as described above... except the modem is set to bridge and the setting took this time.. but no change in the problem

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