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I recently installed an IDE controller in a PCI slot. I installed the driver for the card and it was recognized on Windows XP. I then moved my hard drive from the motherboard controller to the IDE controller. When I booted up it the computer would stop just before the XP splash screen appears.
What do I need to do to get it to boot up? By moving the hard drive to a different location have I reated a problem similar to moving a hard drive to another computer.
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  1. Is the hard drive that you moved contains Windows XP system files? Is it the only hard drive in your system?
  2. Yes it is the only drive on my system. It is my boot hard drive.
  3. ok the question is WHY would you move the boot drive to a controller?

    well the answer to fixing this should be to change the boot order in the bios to the other ide controller chip/card.

    it could be under Scsi or somthing. but to ask the question WHY change it to this card???
  4. I want to install the hard drive on the PCI controller because of speed the PCI controller is ATA 133 while the motherboard is ATA 100. I don't beleive it is the bios because Windows ME can boot up by the Windows NT based operating systems will not boot when moved over to the PCI controller.
  5. ok i am pressuming you have a MAXTOR HDD drive, because if you don't then you realise that ATA 133 is useless because it is only done by one company.
  6. And to be totally honest, you probably won't even see a difference using ATA133, since most hard drives can't operate fast enough to even reach ATA100 rates.

    Ever notice that WD's Special Edition drives (some of the fastest IDE drives out right now, not counting the Raptors) are only ATA100? This is because they figure why make them ATA133 when ATA100 is more than sufficient.
  7. i'm having the same problem as well, the only difference is i'm not booting window from the hard drive attached to the ide controller. any solution to this problem?
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