Can I install a second wireless network separate from my DSL/Wireless

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I have a situation where I have a DSL modem with wireless networking, and I am trying to install a second wireless router for a separate network. The standalone wireless network has five laptops networked to a sixth laptop, in a server/client setup. To complicate things, I am plugging the server laptop into a LAN connection on the DSL modem. The server shows both the LAN connection with internet access, and the second wireless network without internet access. The client laptops just show the wireless network, without internet access. This is exactly what I need - internet access for the server but no access for the five clients. I have each wireless router on a separate channel and only auto connect to the standalone wireless network. Is there anything I need to do to the setup of either of the routers to avoid problems?? The wireless network without internet access seems to be abnormally slow in response and I am wondering if there is any interference between networks. None of the laptops are accessing the DSL wireless network, but I still need that DSL wireless capability for other computers in the building. Sorry for the long question.
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  1. Check what freq they're both running at (ghz).

    Idea for keeping everything else but your server off internet - turn off dhcp on router and set your statics for the server thats plugged to your modem. Then your 2nd router can have its own wireless network that still has access to your server but no internet.
  2. If I follow you, turn off DHCP on the standalone wireless router and assign IP addresses to each of the 6 laptops on that network?
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