I think I think I blew my power supply

Well I just upgraded to a ATI 9500 pro, I was playing Dungeon Seige and everything was fine. Just to let you know I have a 300 watt psu. Then I started to play the Unreal Tourney 2003 demo and about 10 minutes into it my computer shut down. I checked the cpu, it doesn't look fried. I want to check the power supply but I can't get ahold of at tester(CompUSA is out). But the salesman at CompUSA said there is a way to use a paperclip to short the power supply by attaching it to the ground and another plug. does anyone know how to do this?
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  1. you connect the... blue or green i dont remember, but its the one in the middle of the plug. anyway, you connect that pin to any black wire (ground) that will turn the psu on. you may have to have somthing plugged in, like a hard drive or somthing.

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  2. well I tested it, my psu is dead. It make an odd hissing noise. How many watt psu should I get for my system?
    ASUS a7n8x dlx
    ATI 9500 pro
    one hd
    dvd, cdrw
    antec heatsink/fan that need a power connector

    Will an Antec smartblue 350 watt be enough?
  3. Antec SL400 (400W, combination power of +3.3V, +5V and +12V at 380W) is a good one I'm using and should meet your requirement plus it's pretty cheap. Though it comes with two fans but I actually can't hear them. Partly because my Thermaltake Volcano 7+ is way too noisy to cover all my other fans (I got 8 fans running in my system including Volcano 7+)

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  4. I would recommend Enermax EG365P. I have good experience with Enermax PSU.
  5. Sounds like your machine is towards the higher end. You might be able to get away with a 350W but I think to be on the safe side you might want to spend the small amount of extra cash and get a 400W. Make sure it has an air intake on the bottom as well as the intake at the front of the PSU as advised by AMD.
  6. Yeah, I've decided to go with the antec trueblue 480W. That will give me power to spare and a cool blue light.
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