ADSL2+ Wireless Router question

I want to convert a ADSL2+ MODEM Wireless Router into Router only.

Purpose? Internet for either PC or Laptop. Not simultaneous.

Internet connection: Broadband Fiber to home (RJ-45); NO MODEM/Router
Authentication: Log in type (e-mail & password) using a browser

How to do it?

~Plug the Internet Fiber line jack into Wireless Router LAN1 (RJ-45)
~Plug a CAT5 Ethernet cable from Wireless Router LAN2 port to PC Ethernet port

PC Network setting is Automatic (auto DNS)
Laptop has built-in Wireless support (Broadcom)


1) This Router has NO WAN port
2) Sample Router pic shows cable connected to LAN1 port (Next to Antenna is RJ-11, not used now).

3) I'll say again. MODEM function is NOT required. For PC or Laptop only (not simultaneous).

I think this approach is correct. Your inputs are welcome.

Next comes Router settings and configuration. But no Network changes are needed in PC/Laptop.

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  1. you can use other router or modem.
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