my new ram wont work

hi, i have just bought a single stick of VM branded 512 ddr 2100 ram, when i insatlled and turned computer on no signal was sent to the moniter, the pc fired up ok except the led lights on my dvd and cdr drives both flashed continues, there was no bleeps comeing from my bleeper, i am running win 98se on a elietgroups esc K7s5a m/b (takes both ddr & sdram), amd 1900xp, 80gb h/d, gf4 440mx gf/c, and was priviosly useing 256 133 sdram, i have had the m/b for 11 months and never as yet updated the bios, can anyone help with wot might be the problem,, cud it be a bios thing or win98se, i bought the ram with intentions of updateing to win xp pro anyways but i am very unsure about updateing my bios coz i have never done it be4 and heard that it aint foolproof, any help with wot the prob might be would be gratefull, many thanks
ps i have never over clocked or messed around with the hard wear since i got it
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  1. IC... well first you cannot use both DDR and SD Ram at the same time.. so if you are.. don't... next.. will you comp post? ie will it count the ram at all? or just a black screen? Check your manual to see if there is a jumper to switch between DDR and SD ram.. there may be one..

    You ram may be corrupt but it doesn't seem like it at this point...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  2. thanks lumberjack but yea i am only useing one stick at a time, the ram is fitted corretly and i have searched my user manuall and on-line manuall but it doesnt mention jumper settings for ram at all, the screen stays blank, not evan a flitter, and i get a no signal message on my moniter ( moniter mesaage, not from pc at all) cheers anyway :)
  3. Does it work if you put the old ram back in?I had the exact symtoms as you last year,I upgraded the graphics card and it was DOA.Put the old card back in,everything was fine.If it works with the old memory,that would eliminate the graphics card.
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