Acer 5332 wont boot

My acer says that there may have been a harware or software removed...When I turn it on it goes to Acer screen, then to the page that says Lauche start up repair, or start normally....either on you hit, it does the same thing, it goes back to that screen, or stays on a black screen This started when it was knocked off an end table.
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    You have a bad hard drive, more than likely. If a computer falls while it is on, the hard drive generally doesn't make it. I would stop powering it on with that drive if you want to try to save the data.
  2. ok thanks, may I ask how do I get the pics and what not off the drive? Is it possible? and if I get a new HD and install it, will it work ok?
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  4. You can go on Newegg or another site and buy a hard drive enclosure to put it in.
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