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I need to find some sort of a fan that I can mount inside a cabinet (standard wood / pressboard type) to direct the airflow out of it. We (at work) have a cabinet with a Compaq DL360 rack mount server (not mounted yet, will be in a few weeks in another cabinet), a proliant 2500, Prosignia 500, and two other computers. It gets quite warm, and we want to find something to move a little air through there. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Post us a few pictures so we can see what sort of room you have to work with. There are dozens of things we could suggest, but if you only have 1/8" free space in the cabinet and its on the bottom, that would severely limit the options. So give us a little more detail and we'll be more than happy to brainstorm for you :)
  2. I know Compaq sells fans that are designed to be mounted in the tops of their own server cabinets (we have at least 30 Compaq cabinets in our data center), similar to Dell and HP(NT) cabinets, although those are for for sending air out the top. Of course, when most of the servers vent front to back, I don't think that's terribly effective. Anyway, maybe one of those could be mounted on your "wood / pressboard" cabinet somehow. Pictures would definitely help.

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  3. Well, I don't have a picture of the cabinet, but the clearance is not going to be an issue. Think of it as a cabinet in your bathroom with 4 computers mounted inside it (and no sink top). We can re-arrange to get a good foot of clearance easy, and we are basically looking to mount a fan to the top to push the warm air out of the top of the cabinet. My solution would have been to mount two 80 or 120mm fans and grills. I found an old AT power supply to run them, but I feel that the fewer components the better.

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  4. Head for Radio Shack. Their catalogue lists a couple of 120vac fans that can be mounted on wood screws to exhaust air out through a circular hole in the back of your cabinet. A few minutes with a hole saw, a few marr connectors, a cord and plug and you are off to the races.

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