Best Valus in a GOOD power supply??

I'm having issues with my New Gigabyte motherboard and I think it has to do with the power supply. I purchased a server case with a generic 400 watt power supply(Antec wannabe). I have tested all my components and they simply did not work in this case. I took my MB and CPU down to the store. The Video popped right up. I went home, plugged in my power supply after connecting it to the motherboard and CPU...ram card. NOTHING!!! Plugged in my old board and tested my ram and video card...No problem. My conclusion is this. The Gigabyte board is a picky one.A generic power supply may be the problem. SO, I was wondering what would be a GOOD in-expensive 400+ watt power supply to purchase. Has anyone Heard of GB??
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  1. nope.
    Over here in ozland we have a good brand called TopTower, almost as good as enermax but alot cheaper. Thats the only one i can think of, apart from the obvious Antec and Enermax.

    If you want quality your gonna have to pay for it.

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