Is a 300 W Power supply enough 3 years from now ?

I have read THG's test of 21 PSUs. THG recommends Verax PSU. My question is: The verax PSU is a 300W. Is this enough power 3 years from now ? I mean do the next generations of computers require more power then 300W ?

Another question: If a computer only requires 300 watt but you have a PSU with 450 watt, does this mean that you pay for 450 watt in "power tax" ?

Last question: When will THG do a new test of new PSUs ?
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  1. I'm no pro but I don't think 300 W is gonna cut it, even for the next year if you plan to upgrade. By the next upgrade you would probably run short on power. You would want to get at least 400W. I think Antec's True Power series is kinda cool, and it comes with the case that I'm getting :)
  2. CPUs and GPUs and everything keep needing more and more juice to run, and the fans cooling them keep getting more and more powerful, so yes, you will definitely need 450 to be safe, especially if you have more than one hard drive and one CD drive. Go for 450. It's the safest bet. And I'm not sure what you mean by "power tax". Call it insurance.

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  3. As long as you don't overload that system with TONS of new components and a new processor you should be fine.

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  4. Probably not. It really depends on what you expect your config to be in 3 years.

    Granted maybe the whole industry will try to go for power savings or rather try to do as much or more while using less power. Otherwise they'll have to water cool everything.

    However for many systems today 300-350 is fine, especially if you're not overclocking.

    3 years ago though it was hard to find a PC power supply over 300 watts. In fact it wasn't until about July of 2000 that we introduced our first PSU over 300 watts.

  5. if your computer is only using lets say 250 watts and you have a 350 watt will only consume 250 watts, remember watts are voltage x current (volts x amps) with that said your psu will always draw the same voltage however your components don't always require a consistant amount of current (amps).
    I think this is what you mean by power tax...
  6. I agree with these guys. A 300w could be ok in 3 years, but you might as well spend a little more and get a rock solid guarantee on a 400 or 450w

    It's all good ^_^
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