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Afternoon peeps

I require some advice, I want to get connectivity to my flat. My landline is in the main building and my flat is about 25-30m away from our current wireless router that is providing access to all the rooms in the house but its just out of reach of my wireless on my computer in my flat. Now what i want to do is maybe replace the wireless router with something stronger that will cover the range and the house, or add on a range extender that will provide connection to my flat. (side note: inbetween my flat and the current connection is a wall and a sliding door). Also im looking for something that is small-ish and out of site so big grids is not going to work sadly :( and the way the flat and main building is situated I cannot pull through network cables sadly

I have investigated into some products but im unsure about their range and connectivity ect.
Ive looked into the following:

1. - MikroTik SXT 5HPnD
3. - Tenda 200M Powerline Ethernet Bridge

The wireless router currently in the house is a cheapie that provides enough signal for the rooms around it, I can also replace that if need be, Im just unsure of wireless routers that will be able to cover the distance ect

Also any wireless cards that is recommended to be able to get a strong enough signal
I got a cheap one atm I can get about 1 bar in my flat but its to weak to form a decent connection

Thanks in advanced
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  1. You are pretty much wasting your time trying to find a router that has stronger signal. Almost all routers transmit at the legal maximum power. Any differences are related to the antenna placement and how well it works in a particular house. No way to really predict since the house makes much more difference than the router.

    Although I did not look closely at the devices you linked it appears to be the solution. What you want to do is put a AP outside the house connected to the router and hope it give enough signal in the secondary location. If that does not work then you go to outdoor devices on both ends. In that case you are better off using bridge devices and then hook a second router up inside the second location to provide service to the pc in the building.

    Powerline if it works will be the simplest. Problem is many times these just refuse to work. They are very dependent on how the electricity connects between the power panel and the 2 locations. The more stuff you go though the less likely it is to work. If the 2 buildings have separate power feeds from the street it is even more unlikely they will work. Just make sure you buy it from someplace that you can return it.
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