Computer AutoRestarts....Power supply failure?

I've tried everything. I've turned off the automatic restart on blue screen on windows xp so I know it's not a windows xp issue. My computer has never had a problem with overheating with a heatsnk, fan, and 2 case fans with window. Do I doubt it's that.

I got a 420watt powersupply about 3-4 months old. People say it might be a power supply failure.

I'm running it with a:
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Gigabyte 266 fsb 8x agp atx mobo
60gb 7200rpm hard drive(constant thrashing btw)
512mbs DDR-2700 ram

Any help would be awesome. Thx.
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  1. ok, now I get blue screen of detah instead. Saying something about a driver failure or a bios problem or possible disk space. I have enough diskspace left(30gb) so it could be a driver problem or a bios problem. I've tried to update my bios, but haven't been able to.
  2. And what about your hard drive? does it pass the manufacturers drive diagnostic tools ok?

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  3. Need more info...

    What are you doing when it restarts?
    If it restarts doing something specific does it do it every time?
    How long is the computer on when it happens?
    Do you get a BSOD?
    What error message is in the blue screen?
    What does the bios say your cpu temp is?

    About the hard disk thrashing...
    When's the last time you defragged?
    What software are you running when it thrashes?

    Some easy checks...
    Make sure your power supply connections are good.
    be sure your power cord plugged in all the way at both ends.
    Check your power bar plug and be sure it's in all the way.
    Try a different power bar, or plug directly into the wall.
    Try a different power cord.
    Try a different keyboard.

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  4. Yes, it passes the diagonistics tests ok yet it still thrashes. Do you think if I just buy a new ahrd drive all together it will fix both my problems?
  5. please define better what "thrashing" is...
    does it do it with nothing running?
    does it sound like a accessing noise like a read/write?
    are there any tasks running in the background at startup?
    free memory = lots?

    thrashing could mean so many things. it could be spyware or trojans or even the thermal calibration mechanism.

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