Sharing files but not internet with my bro's on the base.

Ok, so here is the deal.
I have a crap ton of files that I get asked for every day. (tech manuals etc...)
The two choices Ive had is to borrow them my ext hard drive, or to let them occupy my laptop till they get what they need.
I have my laptop set up as a WiFi router using "Connectify" software to let me use my satellite modem on my galaxy tab2.

What I want to do is to share my files openly with the guys so they can just get near my signal and have free access to the files they need yet I want to password the internet so they cant log onto that.

Every search I do on the net is to let open access to internet but not files so that's no help.

Can anyone help me figure this out. I am somewhat computer savvy but advanced network *** is more then Ive ever needed to do in the past.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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  1. What i would do:

    Setup mac filtering on router and only put in your devices.

    Setup a mapped drive on their computers to a shared folder on your laptop.

    They would need somekind of information on their end either way to be able to set this up. I realize not everyone is a pc tech and mapping a drive might seem hard for them.

    Give them the location of your folder on the network "MYPC\PUBLIC\DOCS" etc.

    Hope this helps
  2. Ok, I think I get what your saying.
    I'm using "Connectify hotspot" on my laptop right now and I don't see any ability to do any kind of filtering.
    I did order a WiFi router system at the beginning of Jan, so that should get here is 2 to 20 weeks. LOL
    Maybe then I can do mac filtering.
    Also a lot of guys have tablets ipads and the like instead of laptops, what about those? can you do what you are suggesting with those?
    And thanks again for the reply. :)
  3. Ok, the connectify guys helped me out, Have it where only selected devices can access the internet.
    Now just need help with the file sharing and all is right in the world. LOL
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