Anyone heard of "Super Flower" cases?

I was having difficulty finding a retailer of the kingwin kt-436 pc case (which I had decided was the one for me) and ending up being told by Kingwin that the nearest supplier is in Belgium (I'm in the UK).

I have just come across a company called "Super Flower" who look like they produce a case which is *identical* to the kt-436 (they call it the SF-201 model). Has anyone ever heard of them or know why this is?

Is it a common occurances for 2 companys to produce exactly the same case?

At first I thought maybe there was a company that manufactured the case shell and these 2 companies bought them and then put different items inside like different drive bays or front panels. But upon examination they are identical from the drive bays installed to the front panel of ports.

Anyone know whats going on??
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  1. Ok, now I'm confused.

    I have just come across another supplier called Lepont Electronic who sell a case called the "Atlas sf-201". And this one is ALSO identical.

    Now I can understand clones, but this is rediculous...

    Hold the press....just found a 4th clone...this is silly
  2. Yes, some of the same cases are multi-branded and sold under different names. Antec & Chieftec, etc.

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  3. Ahh, that would explain it. Quite lucky really. If I wanted the kingwin kt-436 it would have had to come from belgium (I'm in the UK) and cost 250€

    Fortunately I have found some English retailers that have the Super Flower SF-201 (which is exactly the same thing) selling for 171€

    Big difference for the sake of a different badge.
  4. To add to the confusion...I have the Kingwin KT-436 and the LED fan used for the blowhole appears to be made by none other than Super Flower. Well, the fan has the words "Super Flower" on it, so I don't know if that means that's who manufactures it or if that's simply what they named the fan. It's all pretty wierd if you ask me....seems like it may be the same company operating under different names in different regions??? Maybe.

    <i>edit:</i> I just checked out the <A HREF="" target="_new">Super Flower case</A> in quesion and you are right... it is nearly identical. The only differences that I can notice is that the Super Flower case has the text "Aluminum Mg Alloy" on the front and it also appears to be using gold thumb screws and fan grills instead of the silver ones used on the Kingwin. I think the "Aluminum Mg Alloy" label is pretty ugly (not to mention pointless), but you may not even care. Better yet, it may be easily removable :smile: .<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mister_e on 03/28/03 12:31 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. The minor cometic differences really dont bother me. (at least they dont bother me enough to spend an extra 80€ on a case!)

    Its good to hear that the Super Flower (which I will probably get) has the same fans as your Kingwin mister_e as it means your advice about fan volumes still holds true. :)

    A slight downside is that I cant find a dealer selling the silver version of the case. All I have found in the UK so far is the aluminium one with a blue face plate on teh front and the all black aluminium one. Oh well.

    Oh whilst I think about it, do you guys now anywhere I can get a FDD and cd-rom bezel for this case? It would be nice to change my FDD and cd-rom bezel or I will have two biege bezels in a blue or black front :P
  6. It's kind of hard to just get a new bezel since not all drives have the same layout. You could try using vynl dye. I've not used it myself, but I hear alot of modders use it and like's like spray paint except you don't have to worry about sanding and primer, the vynl dye is designed to bond with the plastic. I think you can get it at just about any hobby shop or hardware store.

    <i>edit:</i> Regarding the "Super Flower" fan. It's only the top blowhole fan that says "Super Flower" on it...I don't remember what brand the other four are. But like I said before, if they're too loud just replace them. Fans a pretty inexpensive these days.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mister_e on 03/28/03 01:54 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  7. I have the superflower sf-201.

    Superflower is the original manufacturer of this case. Thats why every other manufacturers code is sf-201, the sf stands for super flower.

    I bought mine for $110 us dollars, a lucky find.

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  8. Quote:
    I bought mine for $110 us dollars, a lucky find.

    Lucky find indeed. I actually have the Kingwin variant of the same case and paid about $160 USD.
  9. As i said in the other forum, Superflower is the original manufacturer of that case.
    Kingwin, atlas and dynatron are resellers/modifiers of the original design. The basic design is the same, with black, silver, beige combo's... but without windows, windows, fancy windows and even top windows.

    if you look inside you will find the casefans have 'superflower' written on them, betraying their origins.

    either way... they are really excellent cases.

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  10. But since all of them borrow HEAVILY from Lian-Li cases (so heavily in fact one could call it stealing :smile: ), shouldn't Lian-Li be credited with the original design?

    As I said, I have the Kingwin variant, but I like to think of it as a Lian-Li that I paid Kingwin to mod for me :smile: .
  11. possibly... but they are different, namely the top fan, having two rear fans... most modern cases follow similar designs.

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  12. "Superflower is the original manufacturer of this case"

    This is really quite startling information.

    When I contacted the kingwin dealer and told them I had found the identical case for cheaper in the US (I had spotted the SuperFlower) I was told kingwin was the original manufacturer and anything else I found would probably be a cheap copy that was of a lower standard.

    What stoochie says makes sense though as most places didnt have non-windowed versions except those that sold the SuperFlower version and they had both.
  13. oddd... though i did notice that kingwin was more different to most.
    Mine was sold as 'Atlas' but came in a big superflower box with superflower instructions and superflower stickers on the casefans.
    Atlas it seems is the australian Distro.

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