How to fix Safari in Windows

How do i get rid of those two bars on the screen?
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  1. By not using Safari in Windows. /sarcasm
  2. by installing and using firefox or chrome... if you want safari use a mac because windows has much better browsers
  3. Apple depend on their small market share to make it not worthwhile for hackers to expend the effort of targeting Apple products. You might call this the "Ostrich" approach: Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the problem. Sure, it may feel good for the moment. But remember: When you do that, your butt is sticking up in the air for anyone to wander by and abuse, and your only 'protection' is that someone else is more exposed than you are.

    "Security Through Obscurity" is no protecton.

    Don't use Safari. Ever. *Anything* else is better and more secure.
  4. Hahahaha! That's the coolest analogy I've ever seen to describe security through obscurity! Nice job Scott!
  6. but none the less that 2nd bar is for tabbed browsing. the first one is your link bar just like ie has. you should be able to disable them in settings.
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