Windows 7 hangups - help?

Hey everyone!
I will start by saying I do not know much about computer hardware, so if you tell me to check something or test something, you'll have to tell me how. ^_^;

Okay, so:

Dell Inspiron 1440
Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

I got it Christmas, 09, so it's about 2.5 years old.

I never downloaded lots of games or anything, and I still have about half of my memory left.

The problem began:
My computer was acting up a bit, so I restarted it- it booted up and then automatically reset without even showing me the password login page.
I ended up taking it to a computer repair place (they're local and they have a VERY good service record) and it came back working just fine-
But a few weeks after that, it started hanging up and freezing.

It does this for about 5-10 minutes and if I leave it alone, it usually comes back up.

My AIM windows freeze and gray-out and when I hover over them I get the little blue spinny 'wait' wheel.
I can usually still scroll up and down in a word document that's open, but if I try to make any changes or save the document, it freezes too.
I can click between windows, but I cannot change tabs on Chrome.
It's like all of the programs simultaneously lock up.
If I Ctrl Alt Del the task manager won't pop up until after the computer unfreezes.

It's really starting to bother me. =( This happens regardless of what webpage I'm on at the time, or whatever else I'm doing on the computer. It happens randomly, and sometimes it will unfreeze and then freeze again right away.

I have NO idea what's going on with it, and it's getting really really frustrating. =(

So please help me figure this out? I've already run all the different diagnostics that you can get from the Boot menu and everything.

If I restart during a freeze (I only tried this once...) when the computer starts up it freezes again automatically. It took me AGES to get it started up again last time- but when it shut down automatically for a windows update, it restarted just fine.

Help mee. :(

New Development-

A few minutes ago, I heard a slight clicking noise and then the screen went totally black. I waited to see if it would come back on, but it did not, I powered the computer off, tried to boot up, and it froze on the desktop. I restarted again and turned it on in Safemode with Networking so I could get online to post here.

Also, I AM getting clicks and whirrs from the area my harddrive is in, so that is a distinct possibility. :/
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  1. seems some of programe file corrupted ....i think you should repair ur OS or you can reinstall you OS that might help

    or else wait for some one who can give you nice idea to get rid of this problem
  2. Well, there are several things it could be. I'll list a few here:
    1) Most likely a RAM issue. From within Windows try running Windows Memory Diagnostic (start, search, memory diagnostic, right click, run as administrator). Also download and make a CD for memtestx86+ (instructions on their website). Run this ~2hours per GB of ram you have in your system (ie, 2GB=4Hrs, 4GB=8Hrs). If nothing pops up on either of these tests then your memory is likely fine.

    2) Bad HDD: Hard drives die, sometimes they go quickly, other times they die very slow and painful deaths. Listen for any abnormal clicking or whining noises coming from the case. Download HD Tune and check the 'SMART' readings to see if anything is obviously wrong.

    3) mobo/something else: check the Event Viewer (start, search 'event viewer', open, Windows logs, administrative events) and see if there is a general pattern to the issues you are expierencing. However, if it is not the ram or HDD it is most likely best to move on to a new machine.

    Other things to check:
    1) disable unneeded background programs (start, search 'msconfig', startup tab, deselect anything that you do not need)
    2) make sure it is not a virus. Start up in safe mode (press F8 during windows bootup, and select 'safe mode' from the list) and run your antivirus. If you do not have AV software then I suggest using MS Security Essentials, and Malwarebytes
    3) Full HDD. If a HDD is full it can do all sorts of insane things to your system (though typically not this insane). Make sure you have a minimum of 10% HDD space available, and preferably 20-30% of free space on the drive.
    4) Check the registry. Bad registry settings are the roots of a great many issues. Run CCleaner's registry checker and fix issues. You will want to repeat this check a few times until it comes up with 0 errors, or just 2-3 errors that it cannot fix.

    good luck!
  3. oh, also, as this is a laptop, how hot is it getting? systems that overheat repeatedly can have any number of issues from bad or loose internal connections.
  4. CaedenV:
    It is a laptop, and it's not getting very hot at all. There's never any spike in activity from it (louder whirring from the fan or anything) when it freezes up.

    I HAVE heard clicking from it on occasion- a fairly loud sort of popping/snapping sound, kind of like if you click your tongue, but more metallic than that, and if my hands are on the keyboard at the time, I can actually -feel- the click that goes through it- that sound doesn't happen when it freezes though- guess it could still be related. x.x

    Just ran CCleaner, and it froze again just a few minutes later, so that wasn't the issue. Working on the rest of what you mentioned.

    I've already run the windows memory diagnostic from the boot menu as well, and run my antivirus in both safemode and before everything on the computer started up and it didn't show anything.

    I've also looked in the Event Viewer and no red or yellow things showed up, but there's a WHOLE list of things labeled 'information' that happened right on the last freeze:

    Fault bucket , type 0
    Event Name: MpTelemetry
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:
    P1: Microsoft Security Essentials (EDB4FA23-53B8-4AFA-8C5D-99752CCA7094)
    P2: 4.0.1526.0
    P3: TimeOut
    P4: 1.1.8403.0
    P5: fixed
    P6: 2 / 2049+
    P7: 5 / not boot

    Attached files:

    These files may be available here:
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\NonCritical_Microsoft Securi_6b67d36d7566493012499989d2de1867c2616d5_12affcd2

    Analysis symbol:
    Rechecking for solution: 0
    Report Id: 18f6dbe9-ba3c-11e1-83e7-002564706da8
    Report Status: 4

    Iiii don't have any idea what that means. o_o

    It popped up about fifteen of those, all either on the same second, or within a second of eachother.

    I also found something else that happened on the same exact second:

    Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials - KB2310138 (Definition

    Microsoft Security Essentials did an update right at the moment of the freeze- do you think that could be what's causing it? I don't know if it's on a schedule or anything...

    There are also a TON of events from the Service Control Manager, and I don't know what's normal and what's not in there. x.x

    I also found these four under the administrative event logs:

    Microsoft Antimalware Real-Time Protection feature has encountered an error and failed.
    Feature: On Access
    Error Code: 0x80004005
    Error description: Unspecified error
    Reason: The filter driver skipped scanning items and is in pass through mode. This may be due to low resource conditions.

    Microsoft Antimalware Real-Time Protection feature has encountered an error and failed.
    Feature: On Access
    Error Code: 0x80004005
    Error description: Unspecified error
    Reason: The filter driver skipped scanning items and is in pass through mode. This may be due to low resource conditions.

    (yes, that one showed up twice)

    A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Windows Error Reporting Service service to connect.

    The server could not bind to the transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{41939E25-DB61-4AF3-8C2A-0BEA14DC1722} because another computer on the network has the same name. The server could not start.

    Iii do not understand that last one in the least. o_o

    Oh goodness, I'm sure I'm confusing, I'm sorry I'm so ignorant of all this! Thanks for taking the time to help, everyone. x.x

    Still going through the list to do everything you said, I need to find some CD's to do the memtest thing.
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