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My son put my 4G aircard from my Apple into the USB port in his Acer. It wouldn't work, so he just pulled it out without going through the eject function. Now when his Acer is turned on it won't sign on at all. It goes to a black and white screed for Windows Boot Manager and says it is an error cause by unplugging the USB drive while the device was in use. If you push enter, it goes to the Windows Error Recovery black & white screen. No matter what you do, it just goes back & forth between those two screens. I can't even get to a Windows screen to to any recovery program. Help!
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  1. are you able to get into safe mode and do a windows restore to an earlier date? If not see if you can run the factory store process.
  2. Mash F8 as soon as you turn the computer on. Then select the "Repair This Computer" option. From there it may ask for a user/password but you can run system restore or a complete factory recovery from that built in Windows repair function.
  3. If windows will not boot.

    Power computer on .
    Hold Alt and keep pressing F10 at the Acer logo .
    You may need a password.
    If you have used Erecovery before you would have been asked to create a password.
    If you have never used Erecovery the default password is 000000 (6 x 0))
    Select Factory
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