I might have clicked the confirm button twice

How do I get hold of an administrator or a moderator for help?
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  1. what do you need help with?
  2. nhasian said:
    what do you need help with?

    i spied a trilogy offer on the amazon website and decided to buy it. When i came to the last page of the ordering process I noticed that one of the books had been ordered twice (...2 of the same title.) I looked everywhere on the site for a contact number to correct this mistake. There doesn't seem to be a contact number so eventualy I will receive 4 books instead of 3 and then will come the battle to get my refund and also to return the extra book.

    For the last 10 days I get regular e=mails telling me my order has been dispatched! Any ideas? JMC
  3. You will have to contact Amazon to cancel the extra book you ordered.

    We are Tom's Hardware forum, not Amazon.
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