Windows 7 failing after addition of new wireless networking card

I have put together my first computer build and so far ive got everything to work, without any major issues ive installed windows 7 64-bit and then motherboard drivers and graphics card and havent had any issues using the different features of windows 7. I then decided to get a 300Mbps Wireless Networking PCI Express Adapter from TP-Link to get access to the internet i already have in the house. I inserted the card in one of two approporiate PCI slots on the motherboard (Asus Sabretooth z77) that was next to the graphics card. But when i turned on the computer and windows 7 started up it started a full system reparation (my systems in swedish, "startreparation" in english windows?) for what reason i have no idea as it came up with no solution and all i could do was restart and try again, but to no avail. WTH could i have done wrong? How do i solve this?
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  1. Could check the Win HW compatibility list for your device here:

    It also sounds like you have a PCI-Express card and you're plugging it into a PCI slot? Without me doing a lot of research on your hardware setup - you also might want to confirm the bus types (but I wouldn't think the actual slots would be the same thereby disallowing you from inserting a PCI-Express card into a PCI slot).

    so... a couple things:

    -Confirm your hardware is compatible with Windows 7.
    -Confirm the bus type of your network adapter (perhaps put a full brand/model number out here for us to review?)
    -Drink a brew - they must have great brew in Sweden, no?
  2. Is this your card?

    If so, I do not see it in the hardware compatibility list. But the product page itself shows it as being supported by Windows 7.

    Have you tried pulling the card out and booting Windows? Will it come back up normally? If so, try using a different slot.
  3. I did use the express slot, and the packaging also says that it is compatible with windows 7. I also tried booting windows without the card, still same problem appeared. Should i try installing windows again with the card already inserted?
  4. Haha and ill drink a Blå Thor as soon as i get this fixed!
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