Windows 7 only boots in safe mode

My PC only boots in safe mode. It works fine in safe mode. Otherwise , it stops at starting windows and does nothing else. I've backed up all data in safe mode. Now I want to delete everything and install a new version of windows 7. But when I try to install it (from usb) it freezes at starting windows also (it loads from usb).
How can I delete my hard drive? (I don't have the thing to connect it to another computer)
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  1. Why don't you just remove the video card driver that is installed. In safe mode this should be easy. Then let Windows install the one it wants when it reboots in normal mode. It sounds like you have some video issue when it switches from 2D to 3D. Could either be a card, power or driver issue.
  2. Do that ^, and install correct driver!
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