Power surge affected only one PC in wireless network

There was short power surge ( for a second only), and after that my laptop lost connection with home network. To be more specific, only one laptop lost connection, two other and iPad have no problem to connect. I brought laptop to the store where I purchased it 12 days ago, and there it worked. Brought it home - same thing, it can not connect to home network, and keep getting message that password is incorect ( and is not). Finally, I replaced laptop for completely new one, ant sill have the same problem: can not connect to home network a nd when brought to the store -it works.
Of course I did that drill with connect/disconnect modem, router, pc's more than one time.
Can you, please help me to resolve this issue ?

Thank you.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The only possible common denominator between the old laptop and the new is the router so there lies the problem. Can you connect to it by cable, and if you can have you double checked the security key?
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