\'No Disk\' error message when some prodrams load files

I edited a 2 minute piece on AVID Express Pro. Downloaded the piece to a Sn Disc and took it to another PV that runs Windows &...I've tried to upload the video to You Tube and get the "no disc" error. The computer that I used to create the video is operated by Windows XP.....help!
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  1. forget about youtube for a moment. are you able to access the file from the san disc thumbdrive on the second computer? Can you copy the file to the computer and then upload it to youtube? are you able to upload to youtube on the first computer?
  2. I'm looking into uploading from the first computer now.....not able to download to the second computer either....
  3. I've tried to upload my video to You Tube using both computers with no success. I get the same "no disc" message followed by another message telling me it must "be a supported file"...I do not know what that means or how to fix the problem.
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