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I have an Abit KT7-RAID motherboard.

I had RAID-0 (stripping) setup on the motherboard. I had 2 exact same hard drives installed. But recently the computer crashed and when the computer boots up now, the RAID-BIOS doesn't detect that the hard drives had been on RAID-0. So it won't boot. Even when I use a floppy and boot up the computer, DOS doesn't recognize the data in the drives, the logical drives are not present either. I don't kno what to do. If I try recreating th RAID-0 setting on the BIOS, it warns me that all the data will be lost. That's the last thing I want. Is there a way to reaccess the data? I believe the hard drives to be intact and that the files are secure, I need to let the computer realise they are operating under RAID-0 without deleting the files. Is there a way to access my files again?

What about software RAID? Is there any way I can use something to access the files again?

Where is the information stored on how to retrieve data on the hard drives? Is it on the hardrives itself or on the BIOS? The RAID controller?

Thank You,

Piragash Velummylum
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  1. You may need to set up another drive on the boards normal non- raid ide controller and install the operating system to even have a chance of saving the raid. This will allow you to load the drivers again which may allow you access your data. Other than that I would say it is gone!

    Really you should have known better with Raid 0 and backed up, imaged, & copied your important data.

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  2. Check out my question and the answers that come back. They may help you too.
  3. It's just the RAID BIOS got messed up. If you take a single drive from an IDE controlled and attach it to a RAID controller and then build it into a RAID level 0 it says the same thing "Warning all data will be lost" but its not true, the data will be there just fine. The RAID BIOS doesn't format the disk or anything, it just specifies to the controller the access patterns to the hard disks.

    All you need to do is set up your disks in the same RAID pattern as you had them before and it will be fine. If you put them to the wrong RAID pattern then the access parameters will be wrong and the disk won't boot. But you won't loose data unless the hard drives themselves are broken.

    it warns me that all the data will be lost. That's the last thing I want.

    Well actually it doesn't matter, you can always do an OS install and restore from your data backups.

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