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Hi. I own a Netgear Router and the wireless capablities are not working. I have it connected to a comcast arris Modem. When i have and ethernet cable connecting my laptop, router, and modem, i get a connecting. but im not sure how to get the wireless running. I have used this router before ith my old internet provider. Ive tried messing around with the router settings for a while but i cant get it working. Any suggestions???
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  1. First turn off or unplug your router, check that your modem has all the lights blinking or on and shows it's connected. Then plug the modem directly into your laptop and see if you can get on the internet. If so, good, this means the modem is working, skip to the next paragraph, if not, check if your modem has a reset button (probably a tiny hole you'll need to poke with a paper clip) or unplug the modem and battery back up if it has one, leave it off for a bit, then plug it in and wait awhile for it to boot back up and connect your laptop again. If you still can't get internet something is wrong with the modem, your internet service, or your laptop, try a different computer if possible.
    Now if your modem is working then make sure the Ethernet cable from your modem goes directly to your router input (probably a yellow plug). Plug in the router and turn it on, wait a bit for it to start up and you should have green lights and probably a blue light for the wireless, any yellow or amber lights means its not getting internet from the modem, either way run a cable from your router to your laptop and see if you get anything, if your laptop has wireless try that as well without plugin directly into the router. If you get internet either way you should be good to go, however I would suggest plugging into the router with your laptop or any computer and setting up or double checking the security, if it's still set from when you had it working before. If you want to start with clean slate and reset the router to factory defaults simply find the little reset pin hole and press it in with a paper clip for several seconds (do this while the router is on, the lights will go off and come back on and your back to factory settings) Of course you defiantly want to set up your security now. Hope this was helpful.
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