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Hello, recently(3 weeks ago) I bought an Enermax EG365p-VE Power supply. As of 4-5 days ago I had no problem with it. Recently however it has begun to make a faint whistling noise which turns off and on depending on variouis things. Those things include hovering over links, moving the mouse, having windows open. The sound has become quite the eritant. I am almost positive it is the PS fan because it is dynamic and changes according to my random input. I put my ear up to it and heard the whistle clearly apposed to the CPU fan, so it must not be the CPU fan. My question is, do you think it could be faulty? Is there a way to change the fan speed (the fan changes depending on the tempurature btw). Would you recommend taking it back and getting a new one?

Thank you :D
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  1. Things echo around a lot in metal cases...

    First you need to confirm the whistle is coming from the PSU... to help make your hearing more directional you can take the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels and use it as a listening pipe, holding one end to your ear and pointing the other at various components in your system. This will narrow your field of hearing to a couple of degrees giving you a much better assurance of the source of the sound.

    If it is the PSU, you might have a bad capacitor or a cold solder joint. Both are fairly common problems.

    Once you confirm the source of the sound, send the offending device back for repair/replacement under warranty.

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